My Love-Hate Relationship With Bookplates

My Love-Hate Relationship With Bookplates

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 29, 2011

092811-bookplates2.jpg Bookplates are beautiful. They are a place for a special inscription or for a child to mark a book as belonging to them. But I have mixed feelings because they're permanent and can make it awkward to gift, donate or pass down a book to family and friends.

Growing up, my family had a rather extensive library. This was before tablets, e-readers and online content. Books were love and there was a lot of love in our house! We were given books, we donated books, and picked them up at garage sales all over the city.

As much as I truly love the idea of bookplates, or labels, I seem to get hung up on the idea of owning a second hand book or a hand me down from a family member with a bookplate inside. There's nothing wrong with wanting something to be yours and keeping a family library, but the librarian inside me (not the sexy kind, the old crotchety kind) shys away from the idea. Stickers in books... you just don't do it.

Do you use bookplates in your own home library? Tell us why you love them or hate them in the comments.

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