Hot Sheet: Do You Flip for Flannel?

A friend called me yesterday with what has to be the most bizarre point of exclamation I've heard in quite sometime. The entire basis for her phone call was to tell me she changed her sheets to her winter flannel ones. Apparently I'm a sheet-jerk as I just don't flip for flannel the same way everyone else does. They're just so hot!

I've always had a love hate relationship with flannel sheets. They're great for the first 3 minutes you snuggle down in them. You're toasty, they're like a big giant hug from your bed (which I say in the least creepy way possible). At the same time, I wake up an hour later feeling like a furnace and end up kicking all the covers off. An hour later? I'm frozen to the core. See, love hate.

Do you love flannel sheets? Do you rotate your linens for the winter months or stick with the same old ones year round? Share your sheet stories and favorite winter linens in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member Robbie Howell licensed for use by Creative Commons

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