(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

We're a week away from the end of the Cure, hitting a point where it may feel like there is more upheaval than calm, more outbox than organization. On today's post, Discerning gives a pep talk that can help all of us who might be feeling a tad overwhelmed. Read it and feel better - it IS worth it to stay on track...

One step at a time. You can be sure there are many others here in the same boat. It will help with feelings of being overwhelmed if you can view this cure as a journey rather than a destination. Doesn't matter how long it takes so long as you keep moving forward.

Point being, as long as you stay motivated, you WILL eventually arrive at the end of this journey. The enemy here is Discouragement and Overwhelming is his wicked minion. Do not entertain them and you'll be fine. Now.....get busy! :)

Thanks Discerning!