On The Hunt For The Perfect Climbing Vine

On The Hunt For The Perfect Climbing Vine

Leah Moss
Mar 19, 2012

With winter fortuitously bypassing the mid-Atlantic region this year, my thoughts are turning outdoors early. Last year I planted morning glories along our patio's lattice, but at the urging of concerned readers, I promptly tore them out. Now I'm wondering — does the perfect climbing vine exist?

Even though my local nursery assured me that the morning glories would not take over my life, I realized quite quickly that they were a little too aggressive for my liking, as evidenced by the photos. At first this came as somewhat of a blow to my ego, since of the gazillion seeds that I planted, they were one of the five types of plants still standing midway through summer. What I touted as clear evidence of my sweet plant-keeping skills turned out to be the result of weed-like tenacity on the part of the morning glories. Apparently, I hadn't managed to develop that elusive green thumb after all— le sigh.

However, like those persistent morning glories, I'm determined not to give up. The problem is that my research on the perfect vine has turned up about a million conflicting opinions on the subject. In short, what is easily controlled in one region is invasive as all get out in the next. So, as you chime in with your comments, please share where you live and what vines have worked for your life.

(Images: Leah Moss)

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