On the Road Again: 4 Recommended Travel Apps

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Summer vacation is awesome for kids. Adults, well, we like sunshine and if you're anything like me, lust longingly in the winter for long weekends on the lake. However, finding time to plan can be challenging so I'm updating my app lineup to have a stress-free, easy vacation.

Here are some of my favorites:

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Field Trip: I love exploring new cities. Getting lost for hours and wandering into random buildings never phased me. I realize that this is not for everyone. However, if you wish to embrace the sentiment, Field Trip is your new best friend. A travel discovery app, it features museums, historical sites, restaurants and hidden treasures.

All Trails: Find yourself in a new city and want to go on a hike? Well, this app will help you find something scenic and wonderful. The best part is the user reviews, which help with details like determining a trail's suitability for children or more tactical priorities like where to park.

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TripIt: This app is for planners. People who like to know exactly what they're doing when on every minute of their vacation. This is not me. However, I do my best and apps like this keep me motivated. From flight departures to dinner reservations, you can see a trip at a glance without missing a single detail - even get mileage between locations.

RoadNinja: Road trips are seeing a resurgence and with good reason. Seeing the country by car is one of those once in a lifetime things that everyone should experience. However, everyone I know has a horror story about getting stuck between bathroom breaks. Don't let this be you. Make RoadNinja a priority if you're planning this kind of adventure this summer.

What apps make your summer vacations better?

(Image credits: Elizabeth Giorgi; Field Trip; TripIt)

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