On the Wall: Name Displays for Children's Rooms

On the Wall: Name Displays for Children's Rooms

Elisabeth Wilborn
May 20, 2013

As are many of you, I'll wager, I am passionate for names. I have been slowly collecting my favorite children's name displays from Apartment Therapy Family and across the web.  Parents with a knack for picking great monikers also tend to get creative with their kids' rooms.  Click through for inspiration beyond the traditional cookie-cutter mold.  


1. Graphic cursive one piece in Ezekiel's Room via Project Nursery.

2. Bold, block all cap letters in Milo's Scandinavian Room via Remodelista.

3. Stack your letters vertically like in Oliver's Owl-Inspired Nursery via Apartment Therapy.

4. Hand-sewn "pillow letters" in Rowan's Room via Jen Loves Kev.

5. Ze Luca's name was actually done for a birthday party using balloons.  We think the same look could be recreated using tennis balls or golf balls. Via Apartment Therapy. 


6. Cursive, handmade simplicity in Valentin's Room via Apartment Therapy

7. Hung from a branch in Harper's nursery, via On To Baby.

8. Floral garland in Wren and Owen's Happy Room.

9. Industrial, Western themed letters in Jett's room via Project Nursery.

10. 21st century lettering in Nixon's Cool Modern Pad.

(Images: 1. Krissy Winnick, 2. Mari Eriksson 3. Reader Meghan S. 4. Jen at Jen Loves Kev 5.Vitor Teixeira 6. Chris Perez 7. Jess Leos 8. Reader Cindy 9. Larynk 10. Reader Vanessa)

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