On Trend for 2013: Porcelain Lighting in Black & Modern Pastels by Studio WM

A perfect marriage of color, materials and shapely style is apparent in the lighting designs from the two young designers pictured above, Wendy and Maarten. They are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and have been working together since their graduation from the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

I first encountered their work (and snapped these pics) at Inside Design: Amsterdam and it has stuck with me, thanks to the very on-trend modern pastels palette (or the alternative, yet still on trend matte black choice) and the quirky, memorable pulley counterweight design. (Which, according to their site, is inspired by the shipyards of their city).

The finish on the porcelain is beautiful in person, chalky, smooth, soft and sculptural and they look (as you can imagine) even more beautiful when illuminated.

A bit masculine, a bit feminine and 100% fashion forward, this is one "souvenir" of Holland that I would have gladly squeezed in my overstuffed bag to bring home.


(Images: Janel Laban)