Geometric prints are one of the biggest design trends this year and, no surprise, babies and kids are getting in on the action. They may look dated in a few years, but right now triangles are fresh, bright and modern. Here are ten products pushing this pattern trend:

1. Removable Adhesive Wall Triangles ($20-$40, MUR)
2. Hand Painted Wood Block Magnets ($24, Cuppa Color)
3. Custom Triangle Quilt ($220, Ivie Baby)
4. Assembly Home Rotating Triangle Rug ($79, also in grey, Urban Outfitters)
5. Terrific Triangles Personalized Nursery Print ($18, Giraffe N Stuff)

6. Crocheted Teething Toy Rattle ($13 each, B Boutique Beauties)
7. Reversible Stroller/Pram Liner ($59, Chuck & Taz)
8. Magical Thinking Triangle Chain Curtain ($24-$34/panel, also in grey, Urban Outfitters)
9. Knitted Triangle Pattern Baby Blanket ($85, Yarning Made)
10. Simple Geometry Rug ($249-$649, Land of Nod)