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White can be complicated when it comes to painting your home. That's why we jump at the chance to see any photographs with their paint colors identified. Even though a photo isn't perfect, it can give you a general sense of white paints relative to one another...

These are two such photos from Canadian women's magazine Chatelaine.

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Creamy White, above:
walls: Muslin OC-12
trim: White Chocolate OC-127
ceiling: Cloud White CC-40, all Benjamin Moore

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Cool and Crisp, above:
walls: Soft Lace W-B-110
trim: White 1852, Nude W-F-210, Silver Leaf W-F-720 & Oat Straw 740C-3, All BEHR Premium Plus Colours

Chatelaine also offers up some categories and white paints that fall within them:
Pure (No visible tints): Behr Ultra Pure White(1850), Benjamin Moore Ultra White(CC-10), Para White(P1881-0)
Red (Flushed and warm. May look pinkish or even peachy, especially if yellow has also been added.): Ralph Lauren Petticoat White(WW06), Behr Billowy Clouds(W-B-100), Para Antique Linen(P1827-4)
Yellow (Creamy and warm. Some might have a touch of spring green, which is evidence of a blue tint.): Farrow & Ball Pointing(2003), Para Bleach Bone(P1883-4), Benjamin Moore Flurry(CC-100)
Blue (Cool, with touches of grey, blue or even a bit of turquoise [if yellow has been added, too] or purple [if there's any red in there]): Sico Beluga Whale(6209-11), Ralph Lauren Cape Blanco(SS13), Para Spirit White(P1883-4)

Read more on the nuances of white paints in Chatelaine's article The Right White.


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