One Chair, 3 Backdrops

One Chair, 3 Backdrops

Beth Zeigler
Feb 24, 2009

022409chair-05.jpgWe've been known before to keep the same decor around (and oftentimes in the same configuration). While keeping furniture around that you love is a good idea, mixing it up and changing the furniture's backdrop is a simple way to reinvent your home. The journey of the orange chair after the jump.

We found these inspiring interior images on a blog called From the Right Bank to the Left Coast, written by Alek. Apparently Alek has moved around quite a bit and this orange chair has followed. Because the chair is quite bold in color, this serene backdrop makes for a sophisticated setting. The antique mirror and velvet gray walls help the chair standout (without looking like a sore thumb).

For a cozier vibe, Alek frames the orange chair with a color coordinated white bookcase.

In a conversational setting, the orange chair comes out of its nook and is paired with a dark couch (that doesn't compete for attention). We do love the grouping of art above the couch and their high placement on the wall. The orange throw and shag rug help bring the orange chair into the grouping, making for a cohesive look.

We couldn't resist showing off Alek's white kitchen and zebra rug. She's great at adding pops of color to well-edited backdrops.

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[Images From the Right Bank to the Left Coast]

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