One Constellation Tapestry, Two Ways

Tapestries are an affordable and fantastic way to create a real art presence in a large space. Take this $39 Constellation Tapestry from Urban Outfitters. This affordable piece gets a wow finish thanks to two very different looks:

Figuring out how to hang large scale tapestries can be a challenge, though. Here are two fun options:

Caitlin over at Desert Domicile decided to mount and frame her tapestry, which gives it a real museum level impact. The pine frame she added around the tapestry transforms the piece from fabric to beautiful art.

I decided to do something a little more traditional with mine and hang my tapestry from the wall, but I added an extra feature:

I had a large piece of wood from my great-grandparents' barn, which I mounted over a curtain rod with some L brackets. Then, I bought some curtain hangers that have clips on the end and clipped the tapestry to the rod. It's a bit looser and more bohemian, but both look much more expensive than you'd expect.

The tapestry is available at Urban Outfitters.

(Image credits: Urban Outfitters; Desert Domicile; Elizabeth Giorgi)