One Design, Two Budgets:
Modern Floral Bedroom

One Design, Two Budgets:
Modern Floral Bedroom

Dabney Frake
Feb 5, 2013

All right people, I got the message. You don't want to see $18,000 rugs on your mood boards, let alone in your actual kid's room. But I ask: what's a little baby vomit on a carpet that costs more than your car? I thought everyone wanted and could afford such things! I'll make note of it in my Hermes notepad while you click through to see the rest.

Today's attempt is another bedroom, this time for adults - a modern take on floral, using black, red, pink & gold. The expensive option's price point is more spend-y, but still in this stratosphere at $2,078. The less expensive version is $555. Take a look and see what you think, and don't you hesitate to let me know in the comments.

1. Dotty Pillow from Fine Little Day, €52
2. Tufted Headboard from PBTeen, $499
3. Foundry Side Table from Serena & Lily, $250
4. Modern Border Duvet Set from Dwell Studio, $310
5. Charcoal Nude from Tradesmen, $800
6. Nina Campbell Wallpaper from Interior Design Online, $175 NZD

1. Polka Dot Pillow from Duncan and Birch, $20
2. Tufted Headboard from Target, $159
3. Sofia Accent Table from World Market, $79
4. Hotel Collection Duvet Set from Amazon, $56
5. Charcoal Nude from Wayfair, $202
6. Antique Rose Wallpaper from Cath Kidson, £25

If the second room is still beyond your budget, this is where your time and labor kicks in. You can certainly save money by sewing a black ribbon as a border on a plain white comforter, making your own cushions and headboard, and sourcing cheaper art at flea markets and thrift stores.

Or, if you see items similar to these that are even better deals, leave word for others!

(Images: as linked above)

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