(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Whoever gets this nursery is one cool customer, rockin' night time with black and white decor and bright pops of primary color. This design comes in at $2,991. Click below to see resources, along with a much less expensive version.

  1. Moon Clock from Urban Outfitters; $49
  2. Eames Style Rocker from Modernica; $485
  3. Grey Crib from Land of Nod; $900
  4. Owl Pillow from Areaware; $30
  5. Felt Ball Rug from Nest; $1433
  6. Baby Blanket from My First Room; $94

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The second option is $1,141 - over $1800 less - for the same look. That thudding noise you hear is the sound of you giving yourself a pat on the back. Nice.
  1. Moon Clock from Cyber Moon; $17
  2. Eames Style Rocker from eBay; $139
  3. Grey Crib from Amazon; $398
  4. Owl Pillow from Urban Outfitters; $29
  5. Felt Ball Rug from Handcraft Nepal; $520
  6. Baby Blanket from The Shopping Channel; $37.93

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