One Finger Installation With the Push & Hang Drywall Hooks

By now, you've undoubtedly been assailed by the bombastic bearded bellow of Billie Mays, As-Seen-On-TV salesman, extolling the virtues of the Hercules Hook, a wall-hanging system that supposedly can hang up to 150 pounds on your wall without hammers, nails or drills. Now there's another drywall/renters wall hanging solution out there that doesn't require you to "call now", called the Push & Hang Drywall Hooks. Similar premise, different mounting solution...

Designed specifically to work with drywall and support up to 60 lbs. per large hook or 10lbs for smaller sized hooks, the Push & Hang Drywall Hooks is available in a pack of $30 for $19.99 via Whatever Works.

[via Smarts Stuff]