Reader Escapes: Robyn's Grandpa's Dream-Come-True

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"I was at my family's camp (cabin, lake house, whatever...) last week and took some pictures. This is my favorite place on Earth. My grandfather traded a car in 1928 (My Dad thinks the car was a Whippet) for about 5 acres on Lake Champlain in upstate NY. Actually Gramps got the land and some cash for the car. Anyway, my dad, his brother and two sisters have all built camps there - it's the family compound.

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My dad saw a picture in Life magazine in 1968 and asked a guy up the street if he thought he could build it & he said "sure." Dad built the chimney himself using rocks from the property. They built it in 2 months and it cost $4,000. There's a loft upstairs with three beds for my three brothers and two bedrooms downstairs - one for me and one for my parents. The table in the living room is actually a mortuary slab (complete with a drainage hole in the middle) made of solid marble. My mom painted all the paintings. The coke machine was in my grandfather's gas station. If anyone knows who the architect is that they copied, I'd love to know." Robyn

(RePosted from 2005-09-01 - MGR)

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