Today's video comes from Judy Ross, who shares five tricks she uses to make her very small space feel large.

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Today's video comes from Judy Ross, who shares five tricks she uses to make her very small space feel large.

Five Style Tricks to Open Up Your Small Space: with Judy Ross!

1. White Walls: It's basic, but it's still true. White walls tend to make small spaces feel larger.

2. Built-ins: Building in storage options to your furniture reduces the appearance of clutter (and gives you the gift of clean surfaces to come home to!).

3. Deep Shelves: Deep bookshelves allow you to store things behind the front row of books. Things like wine. Or money. Or... more books.

4. Accentuate Height Where Possible: Building bookshelves and closets all the way to the ceiling gives your home a feeling of being bigger than it is (you can also try hanging curtains from floor to ceiling to get some extra length).

5. Lighting: Lots of lamps tend to create clutter, which make already small spaces feel crowded. Consider looking into lighting elements which cast light upward and which don't make your space busier than it already is!

• The Star: Judy Ross is a New York based designer and artist, specializing in home textiles: pillows, rugs, fabric by the yard, bedcovers and wall hangings, and furniture pieces such as stools, cubes and screens. Traveling in India to work as an independent textile designer, she developed a passion for the centuries-old hand embroidery technique known as chain stitch, used by men in the Kashmir region to embellish shawls with traditional paisley and floral patterns. She started by living on a houseboat on Upper Dal Lake while collaborating with the master embroiderers to develop a line of impeccably stitched contemporary wool scarves, and now her products are sold worldwide at high-end stores such as Barneys, Comerford Home, ThreadCount, Hollace Cluny and Lillian August. She lives in Manhattan with her two sons.

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