One Minute Tip: Open Shelving Keeps You Honest

Apartment Therapy Videos: Jeni Aron

Jeni Aron, Professional Organizer, recommends that her clients have at least one open shelf in your home to "keep you honest." Check out her quick video on the reasons why...

• The Star: Jeni Aron is the Clutter Cowgirl, a Professional Organizer working in the NYC area since 2003. The goal with each client is to create solutions that work specifically for their needs which lead to a more productive and calm way of life. Challenging transitions like moving to a new space, welcoming a baby, and combining households with a partner are just some of the situations where clients have used Jeni's organizing services. She has been described as "non-judgmental" and "focused," and many clients have even admitted to having fun during their organizing sessions! Change isn't just good... it's great.

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(Image credits: Arthur Garcia-Clemente)