Unique Air Plant Vessels

Unique Air Plant Vessels

Carolyn Purnell
Aug 2, 2012

As much as I love having greenery in my home, I am probably the most notorious plant assassin in Chicago. I can barely keep succulents alive. But after hearing so much about the simplicity of air plants, I'm ready to give them a try. Because they don't need soil, the display options are nearly endless, so of course I hit Etsy for some inspiration.

Air plants, remarkable not only for their sexy names (Tillandsia! Bromeliad! Xerographica! Oh my!), but also for their ability to absorb water and nutrients from the air, are easy to care for and incredibly versatile in terms of display. Here's a roundup of my favorite Etsy options, but I also suggest keeping your mind open to the many possibilities for DIY, vintage scouring, and repurposing.

Top row:
1. Set of 3 Porcelain and Leather Hanging Containers, $120 plus shipping from Farrahsit: Simple, organic, and modern, these handcrafted porcelain vessels look elegant staggered on a wall. I love the idea of one-of-a-kind pieces, but if you're on a budget, think of modifying the Ikea Asker vessels for a similar look.
2. Starfish and Little Air Plant, $13 plus shipping from West Nest: I find starfish to be very texturally pleasing creatures, and the unexpected addition of an air plant transforms them into even more lovely (and oddly volcanic-looking) focal points.
3. Golden Tillandsia Pod, $7.50 plus shipping from The Tropical Garden: Add some reflectiveness to your room with a touch of gilded glitz.
4. Dinosaur Planter with Air Plant, $20 plus shipping from Boy-Girl Tees: Why not give your room a bit of prehistoric whimsy with a repurposed toy?
5. Air Pod Plant Holder, $38 plus supping from I Love Air Pods: Beautifully handcrafted out of ceramic, these planters remind me of my childhood wiffle balls, meaning that they're tasteful and playful at the same time.

Second row:
6. Buffalo Horn Air Plant Holder, $35 plus shipping from West Nest: The natural materials and hand-painted accents of this horn holder will really heighten the drama of your air plant collection.