One-of-a-Kind Modern Bookcase Project

Bald Man Mod Pad

There are many of us out there who hear voices. They usually speak to us while at a tag sale or thrift store just after discovering a unique piece of something that we have no immediate use for but is just too good to pass up. We're sure we'll use it somehow, someday. Like when building a bookcase, for example.

CK at Bald Man Mod Pad must hear these voices, thus his purchasing of some plywood with a bunch of perfect little circles cut out. Kudos to him for taking the next step and actually using these pieces as a perfect accent for his son's bookcase. Double kudos for not only lighting up that bookcase, but for using bingo chips to add some color.

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CK does not provide a tutorial in the traditional sense. It's more like a rambling walk through his brain, which is a pretty amusing place.

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(Images: Bald Man Mod Pad)