One Project, Five Ways: Hanging Planters

My black thumb strictly forbids me from accumulating (then killing) more plants, but if I was the rebellious sort, I'd promptly make one of these hanging planters. They are textured, sculptural and just as interesting as the greenery itself.

Here's a roundup of my personal favorites:

1. Alessandra whipped up a beaded planter, based on this older post from Weekday Carnival. Both are beautiful.
2. This neon string version, from Refinery 29, gives a little pop of color against the green.
3. Design*Sponge featured Steven Soria of Make Smith Leather Co.'s finished project using cut leather.
4. A simple twine version from Sara Woodrow.
5. Last but not least, Mette shows you how to create suede planters on her blog, Monsters Circus.

(Images: as linked above)

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