One Solution for Blanket Hogs

We all know about blanket hogs. And we all either have firsthand experience or have heard stories about how sharing a bed with one can be a real bear. One solution we've come across in European travels (but never really here in the States) is separate blankets on a shared bed:

A single-size or folded-over double duvet is spread on each side of a queen- or king-size bed. Which gives each sleeper their own covers and eliminates the whole tug o' war drama.

We happen to like the look, but if you don't, you can spread one final cover over everything. We've come across this, and always enjoyed the surprise of turning down the bed to find two duvets under the outer cover.

Have you seen shared beds made with individual blankets in your travels? Have you tried it out at home?

Image: HomeAway holiday rentals

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