One Year Later: Jessica & Chris

One Year Later: Jessica & Chris

Tara Bellucci
Jun 17, 2013

Jessica & Chris on their wedding day...

Wedding registries can be a source of confusion and stress for engaged couples. In this new series, One Year Later, we ask newlyweds what they've loved and what they'd pass on if they got a registry do-over. First up are Jessica and Chris, who were married on New Year's Eve 2011. They live in Braintree, Massachusetts with their dogs Sampson and Tao (named after the Vegas club where they first met), plus brand new baby boy Mason.

...and one year later!

What do you love most from your registry gifts? Our new King size bed!
What do you use the most? The new bed, of course, but we also get a lot of use out of the dishes and silverware as well.

What would you skip if you had to register again? Fancy vases and frames. (The registry consultants tell you to do it, and we've never used most of them.)

What have you never used in a whole year? A crystal vase. It's nice, but nothing we asked for and not our style.

What didn't you register for but love? All the handmade items family and friends made for us. We got a really great sign, a photo album, recipe books, etc that we really love.

Most useful item: Dishes and glasses.

Most beautiful item: A handmade sign that was made for us.
Most meaningful item: Family recipes from each of our Wedding Shower guests.
Thanks, Jessica & Chris!

(Images: 1. Emily Chastain, 2. Elizabeth Oberacker)

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