Online Shopping Tip: Misspelled Searches

Online Shopping Tip: Misspelled Searches

Taryn Williford
Aug 2, 2012

Let's face it: we champagne-taste-with-beer-budget folks need all the help we can get. While sites like eBay and Craigslist can already snag you some great deals on housewares and furniture, here's a simple tip that might help you score a real diamond in the rough.

People make mistakes. So when that well-meaning bloke in the next neighborhood needs to sell his couch fast, he might make a typo or two — and you can cash in. While all of the other eBay'ers and Craigslist'ers with empty living rooms are searching for couches, you're going to stumble on his "coach" and score a great deal thanks to the lack of interest.

There are even websites dedicated to the typo search phenomenon. Plug your search term (for instance, "Eames") into one of these sites, and it will search eBay or Craigslist for all of that keyword's most popular misspellings (like "Ames or Emes"). Each of these sites supports multiple countries (and cities, in the case of TypoBuddy and Craigslist):

TypoBay: eBay
Fat Fingers: eBay
TypoBuddy: eBay and Craigslist

Of course, if you'd rather work manually to find a real diamond in the rough, here are a few of our favorite misspellings for popular homewares and furnishings.

• armoir, armwore, armiore (armoire)
• coach (couch)
• shays lounge (chaise)
• dinning room table
• dressor
• i pod (instead of one-word iPod, you might also try "i pad" and "i phone.")
• Xbox Connect (Kinect)
• mycrofiber
• automan, ottomen (ottoman)
• reclyner
• shelfs, shelve
• suade, swade (suede)
• tabel
• rot iron, rod iron (wrought iron)

Need more ideas? Consult Seattle Weekly's Unofficial Dictionary of Craigslist Misspellings. And if you've had any luck with online shopping misspellings, share your own keywords in the comments!

Lifehacker via Reddit

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