Online Store: This Is Not IKEA

Online Store: This Is Not IKEA

Rebecca Orlov
Jan 23, 2009

We have been an IKEA shopper for years. And while we love the selection of affordable goods, we recently looked around our apartment and realized we are a bit IKEAed out. As our design style has slowly changed over the last few years, we've been gravitating toward more of vintage look and our dear IKEA surely does not carry this style. After some research, we have found a gem. Check it out after the jump.

We found an affordable vintage shop with a wonderful selection of furniture + accents called This Is Not IKEA. Founders Alexis and Tom began the online shop for vintage and retro finds after Alexis had looked around his place and realized that his apartment was " 22 of the IKEA catalog (minus 4 little screws)".

Ready to to evolve his style, Alexis began window shopping at high-end design stores and shopping at consignment shops and estate sales. Slowly the IKEA furniture was replaced with mid-century items, retro finds and rustic accents - all bought for great deals. When friends began to want to similar pieces for similar prices, This Is Not IKEA was born and has grown to have a great following.

If you are looking for cool, unique, vintage pieces in a range of styles but have an IKEA budget, then this shop is the place for you. Shop the online galleries and have fun!

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