I've got a soft spot for LaCie hard drives. One of my first external hard drives was a LaCie, and I still have two working backup drives from their stable of drives that have survived several moves, multiple computers, countless OS upgrades. And thanks to LaCie's partnership with designers like Neil Poulton, Porsche, and now design l'enfant terrible, Philippe Starck, their drives have long appealed to the aesthete customer. Announced over the weekend before the 2013 CES show, LaCie revealed the Starck designed Blade Runner, an external drive like nothing else out there...

The LaCie and Starck Craft Limited Edition Blade Runner Hard Drive is not only unusual in the design department, with the blade design obviously taking cues from air cooled CPU's, but also in regards to the marketing behind it:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
With only 9,999 produced, the LaCie Blade Runner is a limited edition hard drive for design-conscience consumers. Starck's influence is evident from the complex design concept to the hands-on manufacturing process. Each unit is custom-built to ensure superb form and function. It is the statement piece in any home office, study or media room. The artistic design combines with the high-speed USB 3.0 interface and cross-platform compatibility to result in a hard drive that is as practical as it is stunning.

And what will being one of the 9,999 owners of this limited edition drive going to cost you from the man whom we last saw introducing a faucet design inspired by his wife's body?

The 4TB capacity drive retails for $299.00 and includes an additional 10GB of Wuala Secure Cloud Storage, alongside a backup application. Reviewing similarly spec'ed USB 3.0 models, a no-name brand can be had for $100 less, while the likes of Seagate and Western Digital 4TB drives fall close to the same price as LaCie's much more stylish and limited edition design, revealing a competitively priced storage solution.

(Images: LaCie)