Open Air Bathrooms

Open Air Bathrooms

Geoff Bentz
Mar 25, 2010

When thinking of new and inventive ways to design your space, don't be constrained by boring old walls. Take a lesson from these sun worshipers who've taken their love of the great outdoors all the way to the toilet.

Granted a lot of these pictures come from hotels and villas in exotic destinations, but they're still a great source of inspiration. So grab a towel and a bottle of shampoo, and make sure your view is hidden from the neighbors.

Images: 1 so'mace; 2 Room Envy; 3 Hotel Ombak; 4 Trip Advisor; 5 K.I.D Collective; 6 Homepic Bathroom; 7 Villa Damai; 8 My Home Ideas; 9 Villa Casanomada; 10 Apartment Therapy

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