Optimal Home Location Tool is a Great Moving Resource

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Planning a big move soon? Whether you're upgrading (or downgrading) your current space or just looking for a change of scenery, deciding to move out of your current place can be a difficult task leaving you with a whole lot of things to think about. If you're trying to find a central location to minimize your household's commute (including work, school and daycare), maybe this Web application can help. Optimal Home Location uses google maps to help you find a central location between your family's daily stops...

After plugging in the six most frequent places you and your family commute to, Optimal Home Location will return a map that shows you the best place for you to live.

While it's a good place to start, the application obviously cannot cannot take into account anything beyond physical distances, leaving you decide if the area is a safe neighborhood and whether or not it's cost effective to live there.

Take it for a little test spin here to see how well it works in your town.

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