Fixing and Refreshing a Bathtub

Fixing and Refreshing a Bathtub

Aaron Able
Mar 6, 2009

A helpful piece from The New York Times outlines the 4 types of bathtubs and the options a homeowner has to refresh an older tub — often with significant savings over the cost of installing a new tub. The main two options that are explained in the story include tub refinishing (cleaning, repairing, priming and coating the existing tub surface) and covering (gluing a new polymer shell over the existing tub)...

From the descriptions, tub refinishing sounds more efficient — but tub covering could be an option for those fixtures that can't be refinished (due to neglect) or cannot be removed!

See the story, some national companies that offer these services and advice from experts: A New Life for the Old Tub.

Have you had experience with a refinished or reglazed tub? Share your personal experiences and advice for others in the comments.

(Images: Gabriele Stabile)

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