Roundup: Orange Walls

Roundup: Orange Walls

Sarah Coffey
Jul 17, 2009

The orange accent wall has become a design metaphor, an almost cliched expression of boldness in decorating. Despite its pervasiveness, we still really love a good orange wall, especially one that brings warmth and depth to a room. We've seen some great examples on Apartment Therapy, and we love to return to them for inspiration...

1 Dark Orange Walls at Green Street Cafe
2 Mansi's Detroit Apartment
3 Interiors from Crown Paint
4 Jessica and Andrius: Artists in Residence
5 Lena's Family Home

Behr's Pumpkin Patch: warm, dark orange
Yolo Colorhouse's Clay 02 and 03: earthy, non-voc oranges
Ralph Lauren's Terracotta Pot IB68: "a burnt orange that runs almost brown, but its still quite luminous"

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