Organic, Non-Toxic, and Renewable Fabrics

Organic, Non-Toxic, and Renewable Fabrics

Sarah Coffey
Feb 3, 2010

Guide To: Green fabrics by the yard for DIY projects, all available online
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It seems to us that it's getting easier to find green fabrics for DIY projects. A few cornerstone companies have set up shop in the US, selling organic, non-VOC, and often locally manufactured textiles. Depending on the type of project you're undertaking, there's probably a green shop that sells what you need.

Organic and Vintage Fabrics from Etsy: Etsy is one of our go-to sources for green fabrics. Search for "organic," "vintage," or "recycled" within the fabric supplies category.

Mod Green Pod Organic Fabrics: Along with using cotton grown in the United States, Austin-based Mod Green Pod also weaves and prints their product line completely in the United States, saving energy and money on shipping.

Organic Upholstery Fabrics from Rubie Green: Made from 100 percent organic cotton, Rubie Green's upholstery-grade fabrics are printed in the US using water-based, non-toxic inks. Designs are available in a range of modern and classic prints—no beige here.

Organic Fabrics from NearSea Naturals: Based in New Mexico, the company sells organic cotton and wool milled in the United States, with a few selections from Australia. They also sell organic thread and batting, as well as recycled buttons.

Eco-Felt from Sutherland: This industrial felt company has a line of 100% tan (undyed) wool "Eco-Felt" that ranges from 1/8" to 1" thick in soft, medium, or firm density. As an added bonus, the Eco-Felt is less expensive than SAE (industrial standard) white, gray, or custom-dyed felts.

Filz Felt: They sell brightly colored 100% wool felt by the yard. Their German-imported sheep's wool felt is naturally moisture-resistant, durable and renewable.

Cork Fabric from Cork is a naturally anti-bacterial material that insulates and sound-proofs. Cork fabric has a tough, leathery texture but it's also washable.

Organic Fabrics from Live Green: Their organic fabrics are not treated with insecticides, fungicides or herbicides and their digital printing process uses VOC-free, water-based ink, all done in the USA.

Anna Sova Organic Cotton and Eco-Silk: Best known for their organic food paints, this luxury company also sells fabrics including organic cotton velvet, hand-woven ikat, eco silk, and organic cotton.

Organic Fabrics from O Ecotextiles: Their textiles are made from 100% organic cotton or other sustainably grown fibers, including hemp, flax (linen), abaca, ramie, silk, and bamboo. All fabrics are produced in living-wage environments.

Did we miss your favorite source for green fabric? Add to our list in the comments.

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