Organic Serenity Natural Latex Mattress

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Some readers made mention in my recent BoConcept Fahrenheit mattress review about natural latex options, so we thought we'd share some info we received from local furnishing shop, Denizen Design Gallery, about the Organic Serenity Natural Latex Mattress...

Made with three 3-inch layers of natural latex, the Organic Serenity Natural Latex Mattress measures 10" high with a quilted casing, with 98% Natural Dunlop and Talalay latex. Hypoallergenic comfort for allergy sensitive sleepers, with no formaldehyde, TDI (toluene di-isocyanate), styrene, butadiene, and other petroleum derivatives (though if you have a latex allergy, no such luck), and rated to last 30 years or more. As other memory foam mattress, natural or otherwise, these should keep you a lot warmer during these cooler months, so people who get cold easy might benefit switching over to a latex mattress in overall slumber comfort. We especially like the 90 day firmness guarantee (especially after our W Hotel mattress lost its shape in about that time). More information about the Serenity Natural Latex mattress here at Denizen Design Gallery.