Organic Sheets: Target vs. Anna Sova

Organic Sheets: Target vs. Anna Sova

Stephanie Kinnear
Oct 24, 2007

We've been looking forward to week 7 of the Green Cure (a.k.a. bedroom week) for quite some time.

Our bedroom looks nice from a distance, but lift our duvet and it's a different story. The sheets have seen better days. Threadbare would be one way to describe them; holey would be another. So we've decided to treat ourselves to a set or two of organic cotton sheets.

If we had a more flexible budget, we might invest in a set of Bella Pura 325TC Organic Cotton Sheets from Anna Sova (they come highly recommended by Josh Dorfman in his book The Lazy Environmentalist).

As Dorfman explains in the book: "25 percent of all pesticides are used on cotton, and those pesticides remain in the cotton for the life of the fiber."

We just don't want to sleep that way anymore.

Luckily, last weekend at Target we stumbled across their line of Organic Cotton Sheets and Pillowcases. The thread count may be a bit lacking, but these sheets are relatively affordable at $49.99 for a Queen set. They're also produced with "eco-friendly dyes."

We'll be buying from Target; however, for those of you who are interested in Anna Sova, a small selection of sizes and colors in the Bella Pura Organic Cotton Sheet Collection are actually on sale. Still pricey, but seriously reduced!

Any other brands of organic sheets that come highly recommended?

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