(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Having a set place to put things is a must when it comes to keeping organized, and one piece that comes in very handy by the front door or on the desk is a mail organizer. While a box or tray can work as well, some specially designed holders are not only useful but attractive as well.

1. 2d:3d Letter Holder, Blu Dot, $25.00
2. El Casco 23kt Gold Plated Envelope Holder, Amazon, $256.73
3. Sunfire Enameled Letter Storage Bin, Urban Outfitters, $20.00
4. Catherine Mui Clipnote Organizer, MoMA Store, $12.00
5. Grass Letter Holder, CB2, $9.95
6. Tabula Rasa Desk , MoMA, $30.00
7. Dachshund Letter Holder, Anthropologie, $32.00

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