Organizational Tip: Make a Modern Dry Erase Board

U Create

Although we could all use a few reminders throughout our days and weeks, keeping track of such things isn't always glamorous. We either leave paper lists laying around or have a dry erase board up somewhere. Either option is just fine, however one creates clutter and the other isn't exactly always attractive. This quick diy project gives things a fresh feel without pointing out your busy schedule to visitors.

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This project, found over at U Create, is a great reminder that we don't have to be bound by the items we find out in the world of retail. Even if you aren't a crafty person and the idea of creating a single thing terrifies you, surely you can handle a few post it's in a frame right?

This look uses the visual structure of the sticky notes behind glass to give an appeal to this daily, weekly, and someday reminder list that many lack. By writing on the surface of the glass, you can change your priorities as often as you change your socks if you so choose. It's a fun project that might even make a great gift for the organizationally challenged. Check out all the details on the project over at U Create.

Images: U Create

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