They say that outer order can contribute to inner calm, so for the sake of mental health, try some of these simple ways to get a little bit more organized — not totally change your life organized — but have an easier time of find your keys organized.

Start At The Beginning: and organize your landing strip.
Medicine Cabinet and other Small Spaces: Start small and with spaces you use all the time. This post has great tips for organizing your medicine cabinet and junk drawer.
Keep a Household Calender: Whether it's on the computer or a physical one (we love the one pictured from Mibo — you can print it out!) having a calendar and using it is one of the best things I ever started to do. It was obvious but I didn't always keep up with it.
Laundry: I'm currently missing a hamper, so you can only imagine the chaos happening on the floor of the closet! Get laundry organized following the inspiration and tips in this post.
Uniform Hangers: A simple trick to organize the closet is to buy all the same kind of hanger (we love the wood ones from IKEA). In the process of re-hanging things, you can purge what you havent worn and also start the Abby System for weeding them out.
Pegboard: Pegboard is a great tool for organizing the kitchen, the office or the garage/storage. If you have a bunch of loose items lying around or in drawers mixed together, consider pegboarding it all.
Store the Right Things: In your closet, determine what you use least (but still use) and store it up high. Off the ground, not on a hanger, up up up.
Hooks: In the bathroom for towels, in the kitchen, in the bedroom for clothes, by the door for keys, hooks are awesome.
Buy Same Colored Organizing Supplies: This was one of our all time favorite tips from Benita Larsson of Chez Larsson — she buys all white boxes and magazine holders and bins and jars. This way no matter what the size, everything has a uniform look and keeps it looking very organized.
Label Stuff: Group like things together in boxes, jars, canisters, etc. and slap a label on them. Office supplies, bathroom essentials, pantry items. You will feel more sane knowing where things are in clearly labeled containers.
Get Motivated: Check out this post to help motivate yourself to take the small steps you need to build some momentum!

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