Organizing the Bookcase

Made by Sean Ohlenkamp and Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp, this is the coolest movie ever about something as mundane as organizing a bookcase. Not only does the viewer learn several different strategies for filling shelves in attractive ways, but the whole thing is playfully done in painstaking stop-motion. Organization can be fun after all!

If the contents of your bookcase are randomly strewn about, here are some ways to extract the beauty that organized books can lend to a room:

1. Rainbow color order

2. Bottom-up stacks (maybe a tad bit neater than these)

3. No spines showing (not the most practical, but forms a lovely sea of creams)

4. A few horizontal stacks here and there (you can even spell out a message with the spines)

Via: YouTube

Animation: Sean Ohlenkamp and Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp