Otarky: A Rocking Chair That's Also a Charger

Otarky: A Rocking Chair That's Also a Charger

Elizabeth Giorgi
Sep 12, 2012

Rocking chairs have been around for hundreds of years for a reason. The subtle movement is perfect for reading, sleeping babies and relaxation, but this rocking chair prototype, called the Otarky, takes it one step further: it uses your movement to charge your devices.

It's still a prototype, but the design idea comes from a design student, Igor Gitelstain, who recently graduated from Israel's Shenkar College. The College hosts an annual design exhibition for their students to feature their design developments and the Otarky Chair was part of this year's offerings.

The Otarky Chair stands out, because unlike many other design prototypes, (instagram camera, anyone?) it's a product that I can actually see many people using in their homes. In addition, the concept addresses one of the most important issues of our time: energy use.

"In choosing this topic, I've tried to avoid looking for a sophisticated solution for a non-important problem. That is why I chose to focus on energy. Like many others, I believe that the world will change in the near future. Energy will become a precious commodity, much more than fresh water, fuel and clean breathable air. The economic and environmental price of burning fuels to generate electricity, and our dependency on our energy suppliers proved to be a substantial challenge," Gitelstain told NewsGeek.

Do you want one yet? I'm convinced. No word yet on the availability of the chair, but more pictures of the prototype design can be found on Gitelstain's website.

Photo Credit: Igor Gitelstain

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