(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
As the days have become shorter and darker during the winter, the issue of security lighting around our apartment building has arisen as a priority again. In the past we had tried using a city-provided option, but that unfortunately did not work out (too bright and intrusive). The difficulty has been finding a lighting solution within a renter's budget with an ease of installation (it has to be mounted onto a concrete wall and we are unable to run wiring). We think we've finally found a solution...
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Over the holidays we placed an order for the Fulcrum Motion Sensor LED Porch Light after deciding the light was:
  1. affordable at $27.99
  2. bright enough to light up a dark stairway
  3. offered motion detecting sensors
  4. reasonably attractive (it hides up underneath a large plant, so it's mostly out of sight)
  5. did not require wiring, being powered by 4 C-size batteries (6-12 month replacement)

The light works great and was easy to install once we figured out how to drill into concrete. Our only gripe is the LED ice-cold colour lighting which is characteristic of the lighting technology, but our videographer neighbor is considering adding a warm photo film to change the colour a bit. Our neighbors are also considering adding a second one at the top of the stairway to supplement the lighting all the way up to our doors, hopefully scaring away would-be "lovebirds" and drunkards who strangely love the location for their dalliances and naps. But overall, we're extremely pleased to have some lighting in a once dark corner...we'll see if we find a few less condom wrappers in the coming weeks.