Our Best Tips for Summer Entertaining

Apartment Therapy Video Roundup

Summer is a time for travel, and relaxing, and maybe entertaining, too. Want to have friends over without the hassle? From our archives, here are a few video tips to make all your summer soirees a breeze. 

I love this idea for a hostess gift, from Maggie Batista of Eat Botique: instead of bringing just a bottle of wine, why not bring ingredients to make a simple cocktail? If you are the host, instead of the invitee, this sparkling jam cocktail (with only two ingredients!) is a great way to make your summer party special without creating a lot of work for yourself. (You can find the recipe for the sparkling jam cocktail here.)

Here's another tip from Maggie: use craft paper as an easy way to decorate for entertainments and dinner parties. It's great for tablecloths, menus — anything you can imagine. 

And finally, a tip for those of you who regularly host overnight guests (and are lucky enough to have a guest room): leave space in your guest room for guests. Bonus: don't have a guest room? Check out our real life advice for hosting guests without a guest room.)

Thanks for watching, and happy hosting!

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(Image: Chris Perez/Cheyenne Weaver's Gilded Simplicity)