Get Organized: 3 Favorite Efficiency Tools

Get Organized: 3 Favorite Efficiency Tools

Julienne Lin
Aug 2, 2012

No matter what your occupation, attaining or staying organized is a habit most people aspire to. As much as we like tacking reminders up on a wall or cork-board, we also like to turn to a few online tools for improved focus. We definitely have our go-to tools we like to use while working on home or work-related projects, but we're also open to trying new ones. Here are three recent apps and web tools that have recently proven to be effective in our own lives...

Cheatsheet: Shortcuts are one of the best things in life. Cheatsheet is a simple application for Mac users that shows you a panel of shortcuts you can use for the application that you're working in. It changes depending on what you're working on and which tools you're using. It's a great way to discover shortcuts you didn't know about before, and there's not many people who have all of them memorized. Once the shortcut shows up, you can type it in or click it within the panel to execute it. To see the panel, press the command key for 2 seconds. is an online gaming experience that helps you remember certain good habits beneficial to your health, like stretching or packing lunch or flossing. The site turns the experience into a game. You can see how many other people are working on a specific goal and have send you text messages to remind you to do these actions. I'm a sucker for cute mascots too, so it helps that the drawings are so cute. Try out now, because the free beta version ends at the end of this month.

Solar App: I check my iPhone's built-in weather app every single morning and each time I travel into a different part of town. How else am I going to know what to wear? As reliable as the weather app is, I'm drawn to Solar because of its nice design. I like how the interactive design of the app matches the current weather of whatever city you're looking up. You scroll up on the screen to see a 24-hour forecast and down to see the weather for the next 3 days. It's more visually driven and interesting than your average weather app. The best part is, it makes keeping track of the weather and planning outfits more fun.

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