Our Favorite Instant Photo Toys

Our Favorite Instant Photo Toys

Julienne Lin
Feb 15, 2012

We were devastated when the Polaroid was discontinued a few years ago, but new camera`s like Fuji`s Instax Mini fed our love for instant photographs with the white border to write on that we love so much. Now there are multiple cameras, apps and tech to choose from that mimic the same feeling Polaroid photos used to give us. Here`s a roundup of our favorites.

Polaboy: "Art by day, light by night." Imagine your favorite image enlarged to 88 x 107 cm in a wooden frame with a backlit LED light. That is exactly what Polaboy is. The best part about it being digital is the fact that you can change the image when you want. We`d love to have one of these at home. They are made in Germany so it may be a little difficult to get your hands on one.

Polaroid SX-70: The SX-70 is the first folding SLR and the first to take integral instant film. It folds when you pack it up and pops up when you`re ready to shoot photos. It works with Impossible Project film and expired Polaroid film.

Fuji Instax Wide Instant Camera: We are completely in love with our Fuji Instax Mini, so we were delighted to find the bigger version of that camera. It packs everything we love about the Instax Mini - easy to find film, little photos and the joy of instant prints but on a larger scale.

Instant Photo Frame Pins: Even if you don`t want to invest in an instant photo camera just yet, you can enjoy the look with these photo frame pins. Insert your photos into these little pins and you can literally show off your work wherever you go. We think these would look very cute on a tote bag.

Roidizer: There are plenty of smartphone apps that turn your camera into Polaroid inspired looking pictures. Our favorite happens to be Roidizer, we find it the most user friendly and there are plenty of other fun filters the app is equipped with besides the Polaroid filter.

(Images: 1. Photojojo, 2. Photojojo, 3. Photojojo, 4. Polaboy)

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