Our Favorite Kitchen Paint Colors (With Recommendations!)

When it comes to kitchen design, we adore bright, vibrant color, whether it covers all four walls or simply highlights cabinets and other details. Here are ten stunning examples of our favorite kitchen colors along with our picks for eco-friendly, non-VOC and/or non-toxic paints.

1 Kenny Lao's kitchen is painted bold red, a color that's said to stimulate the appetite. Eco picks: Anna Sova in Opium Poppy or Yolo Colorhouse in Petal 06.

2 This Marie Claire Maison kitchen proves that pink can be surprisingly sophisticated. Eco picks: Bioshield Wall Paint in Mother of Pearl or Mythic Paint in Angel Food.

3 Heather's kitchen is inviting in coral, which is just as warm as red but less intense. Eco pick: Mythic Paint in After the Crush.

4 Painted a sunny yellow, Leslie's kitchen is undeniably cheery. Eco picks: Bioshield Wall Paint in Lemon Pie or Mythic Paint in Yellow Rose.

5 We're smitten with the seafoam green featured in this Sunset kitchen. Eco picks: Homestead House Milk Paint in Laurentien or Mythic Paint in Into the Garden.

6 For a softer look, we like the sage green of this Coastal Living kitchen. Eco picks: Green Planet Paints in Sagebrush or Yolo Colorhouse in Leaf.

7 This Coastal Living kitchen evokes the seaside in vibrant blue. Eco picks: Homestead House Milk Paint in Maritime Blue or Mythic Paint in Ocean Allegra.

8 Suzy & Adam's loft kitchen is highlighted with a bright but soothing blue. Eco picks: Anna Sova in Tide Pool or Mythic Paint in Bonnie Belle.

9 As illustrated by this LivingEtc kitchen, black or gray can be modern and beautiful. Eco picks: Anna Sova in Cracked Black Pepper or Homestead House Milk Paint in Coal Black.

10 If color isn't your cup of tea, go clean and classic with white, shown in this post from The Kitchen Designer. Eco picks: Anna Sova in Cucumber Bisque or Homestead House Milk Paint in Birch White.

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(Images: Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan, Marie Claire Maison, Heather, Phillip Maisel, John Grainen/Sunset, Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn/Coastal Living, Roger Davies/Coastal Living, Suzy & Adam, LivingEtc, via Susan Serra of The Kitchen Designer)