Our Favorite Tech for Toddlers and Tweens

Our Favorite Tech for Toddlers and Tweens

Julienne Lin
Aug 12, 2011

In today's age where tech is center stage in many of our lives, it's inevitable that kids are adopting it earlier and earlier these days. Instead of creating a monster that can't live without texting every 5 minutes, here are some of our favorite tech gear that encourages interactivity and is durable enough for the little ones.

Kid Tough Headphones ($17): Built to survive drop after drop, this is a great choice when considering a child's first pair of headphones. There is also a built-in volume limiter that automatically lowers high volume sound so there are no accidental loud noise scares involved for the young ones.

Woogie Speaker Case ($20): The ages of kids we see swiping on the screens of smart phones seems to get younger and younger. With the Woogie Speaker Case, you don't have to deny any child of your iPhone or iPod. They can play with all the apps, listen to music or movies through the built-in speakers and also cuddle with it.

Crayola Easy Type Keyboard ($23): We don't agree with the recent argument of cursive becoming obsolete, however if you want to get your kid typing away early, this colorful keyboard by Crayola will surely catch their eye.

Kid's Digital Camera ($19.95): For the aspiring photographers, this digital camera by Leaps and Bounds comes with double handles to ensure a steady shot and holds up to 93 low res photos. The hard shell case protects the camera from frequent drops.

Miffy MP3 Player + Dock ($49.99): One of our favorite characters of all time has been turned into an MP3 player with an earphone jack at the top of her head and USB port under her feet. Place her on a green field in front of her house, which works as speakers and a docking station (sold separately). It's so cute, we're tempted to get it for ourselves.

Barbie Video Girl ($49.99): Barbie always keeps up with the times, and this Barbie doll video camera lets kids shoot video and upload them instantly onto a computer. The doll comes with free video girl editing software to add music, graphics and special effects to the footage shot with the doll, perfect for budding filmmakers.

Hello Kitty Mouse ($60): Just like Barbie, Hello Kitty has a wide collection of tech that people of all ages can enjoy. We like this wireless mouse that comes in a subtle black. The USB is decorated with her signature bow.

NOOK Simpletouch Reader ($139): The NOOK Simpletouch is a great device to get kids hooked on early. The price is reasonable, it encourages reading and the interface is intuitive paving the way for using tablets in the future.

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