Making It Work: Our Multipurpose Dining Table

Making It Work: Our Multipurpose Dining Table

Meg Lewis
Sep 28, 2011

Conserving space is so important in a one bedroom apartment. It was hard for us to muster the thought of wasting an entire dining room with a table we would rarely eat at. Thank goodness we thought of a multipurpose solution!

We've always had a lot of hobbies that take up a lot of space. My man loves to work on his bikes, surf the web, or do small DIY projects. He's always wanted a durable workspace to do all of these things, but space has always been an issue. This is the first apartment we've had that actually has a dining room. I was excited about finally getting a designated eating area, but I knew it would rarely get any use.

A solution had to be thought of! How could we combine all of our needs into one space? Aha! The multipurpose dining table! I scoured Craigslist looking for a durable table and stumbled across a stainless steel restaurant kitchen table. The counter height is perfect for working on projects that require standing. We were able to get some adjustable height stools from IKEA that go well with the industrial feel of the table.

This is a solution that won't work for everyone, but it's perfect for us. I just hope he remembers to clean the table of any bike grease before I start eating!

Image: Meg Lewis

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