Out Of Ice? Let's Just Move

Out Of Ice? Let's Just Move

Tess Wilson
Jul 1, 2013

I HATE refilling the ice cube tray, and I fully acknowledge that I am ridiculous. Sure, there are plenty of household jobs that are harder and grosser and more time-consuming, but I can't think of one that is more hated (by me)...

I recently had to refill an ice cube tray in front of someone, whining the whole time I did it, and was roundly laughed at. "You just made homemade pizza dough, pizza sauce, a huge salad, pie for dessert, and muffins for the morning without blinking an eye, but you have a problem with refilling the ice cube tray?!?" Yes, yes I do. I like making pizza and pie and muffins, and I don't like spilling and plastic, and sure, there are non-plastic options but the silicone ones make my ice taste funny and the metal ones are like nails on a chalkboard and I'm getting stressed out just thinking about it, and... Okay, I'm not sure why exactly I get so freaked out about this particular (quick, easy) task, but can't a girl be unreasonable once in a while? I just hate it!

What is your most absurdly hated household task, your chore enemy, your housework nemesis? 

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