Outdoor Entertaining: Handmade Garlands

Outdoor Entertaining: Handmade Garlands

Kate Legere
Jun 19, 2012
DIY Dixie Cup Garland, DIY from Hey Gorgeous

If you're hosting an outdoor party or picnic, garland can really make the space feel special. Consider dressing up that rooftop, park tree, or backyard fence with one of these:

1. DIY Dixie Cup Garland, DIY from Hey Gorgeous
2. Origami Lanterns, DIY from RobH0629
3. Paper Flower Garland, $120 from Lille Syster
4. Button Garland, DIY from Carter & Cook
5. Ombré Crane Garland, DIY from Camille Styles

Make It: Twine Ball Light Garland
DIY Felted Garland
Spoon Collection Garland

(Images: 1. Hey Gorgeous, 2. Textile Arts Center, 3. Lille Syster, 4. Jessica Claire, 5. She-n-He Photography)

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