Outdoor Furniture We'd Use Indoors

Outdoor furniture has to be strong, durable and weather resistant. And often times design is compromised to fulfill these requirements. But there's also a lot of great outdoor furniture out there that we wouldn't mind using inside our homes, as well. Here are a few that we do have in our homes or wouldn't mind having in our homes...

  • We have the Bellini chair at our dining table. The chairs are weather resistant and stackable, but we like them indoors, too, for their cleanability and inexpensive price tag.

  • These ceramic stools and others like them add a Moroccan flavor to your interiors and can be used as side tables and extra seating when necessary.
  • The Supernatural chair gives itself away as made-for-outdoors because it has that hole in the seat for draining water when it rains. Nonetheless, we would go for its supernatural shape and colors indoors, too.

  • Straight from a Parisian park, this little cafe dining set could be equally at home in a sunny breakfast nook.