Outdoor Home: Uetmarc's Cosy French Style

Outdoor Home: Uetmarc's Cosy French Style

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 27, 2007

Name: Uetmarc J.
Location: France

Go AT Europe! This time from the western regions of France, we have a stylish balcony that is showing itself off at night and day. (Thanks, Uetmarc!):

"Hi, as you imagine, i'm a daily reader of your very cool website, i live in the Geneva suburbs (but in France) near the borderline. i want to share my tips for having a cosy balcony with you. I just use some Bangkirai wood in 19,68x19,68 inch panels. I just put them on the floor with some little plants with a Bamboo, a photo canvas frame, and a little BBQ..."

The night lights are just some little battery LEDs. I use some military camouflage for masking the first floor view from the parking, and i'm happy with the shadow that it provides.

Hope you love it..

Cheers, Uetmarc

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