Outdoor Home: Mirona's Kindergarten of Green Babies

Outdoor Home: Mirona's Kindergarten of Green Babies

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 26, 2007

Name: Mirona
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Blog: www.gorgeoux.com

Another fresh wind from the East. If you think New York is tough to soften up, try a communist block apartment building in Romania. Mirona blogs from this balcony, made nurturing through all her hard work. (Thanks, Mirona!):

"As exciting as it was to follow the outdoor thread you're featuring this month, it wasn't until I saw the post about the terrace in Sofia, Bulgaria that I realised I could share mine with you. Please find attached selected images from my balcony in Bucharest, Romania -- my work and retreat, my pride and joy..."

This is where I begin my mornings. While I make my coffee and start drinking it, I clean the balcony, I spray the plants (to keep them breathing, so much dust and plant bugs in this city!), and I bask in their colours and flavours. I've lived in this studio for more than 6 years and had many plants to keep me company along the way.

I'm so fond of greens that this small balcony has never been static. From shrubs to willows, from pansies to roses, from basil to lilies, from lilac to bougainvillea (the first of which I brought all the way from Greece!), my friends provide the little retreat where I read magazines, blog, and friends have a drink in the evening.

This is in a communist block of flats. Many people think it couldn't be pretty and welcoming, while others fear that plants take much of your time -- ignoring how much they give you back. I love this venture so much that a) I post about it all the time on my blog in English ( www.gorgeoux.com) and b) my love found an apartment with balconies in London (quite rare; I'll move next year) mainly to see my joy in growing a new kindergarten of green babies. Which I can't wait to do!

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.


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