Outdoor Home: Rossitca's Bulgarian Beauty

Outdoor Home: Rossitca's Bulgarian Beauty

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 20, 2007

Name: Rossitca A.
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

From across the world, today's outdoor home visit shows that there is a strong feeling of community around this particular part of the home. While the insides are more private, the outdoors are our public face:

"Hi dear AT team! I am reading you every day from Bulgaria. I liked very much the Outdoor Home initiative, and would like to take part.
My balcony is not in NYC, but is in a very grey capital of Bulgaria i.e. Sofia. I am not sure if I can take part, but as you see I am trying..."

"Luckily we've got an appartment in a small residential district with own garden. But I did not missed the chance to make a small garden from my balcony which is not small actually. A am attaching some of my flowers to the mail:

Here it is a link for all the photos.

Greetings and have a nice week :-)"


(Thanks, Rossitca!)

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